Unleash a wealth of insights from conversations with Call Journey CI and Microsoft

We are seeing the appetite (and budget) for customer experience insights expand from Contact Center Leaders to other decision-makers, such as Heads of Customer or Heads of Operation. Businesses now recognize that customer conversations can be mined to support people, processes and technology transformation, and are leaning in to traditional speech analytics and AQM to attempt to solve that problem.

There is a huge and under-served market opportunity to help bridge the gap between the contact center and the core business.

We make it simple for customers to analyze conversational data in their Microsoft environment. Emotions, compliance, sentiments & other insights can be evaluated with the help of advanced conversation intelligence technology, agent-engagement, and many more.

Call Journey CI: Uncover Mockup

Introducing: CI Uncover

  • Why are customers calling?
  • What are they dissatisfied about?
  • What is driving repeat contact?

These questions seem so simple, but reliable answers are hard to come by…until now! Introducing CI: Uncover, our AI-powered toolkit that provides continuous feedback loops based on conversation analysis to uncover and remedy points of customer effort and dissatisfaction.

Identify the top factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction and agent performance.

By analyzing customer contacts, Ci Uncover provides insights into:

  1. Factors that drive customer contacts;
  2. Key issues contributing to customer dissatisfaction and sentiment;
  3. What is causing repeat contacts; and
  4. Agent performance and areas for training and improvements.

Both senior and middle management will derive insights into product and process improvements, while quality assurance personnel will benefit from a comprehensive agent performance report identifying under-performing agents and targeted areas for training.

Ci Uncover identifies key customer pain points and focuses management attention on areas that will improve customer satisfaction.

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