Contact Center Management

With Call Journey CI curated insights, become A next-generation Contact Center Superhero

Not only do we do the heavy lifting of QA and scoring, but we also identify operational cost centers down to a granular, in-call level, and outline the winning moves you need to make (both upstream and downstream) to transform your operation into a profit driver.

CX Managers find themselves at the epicentre of customer obsession. But...

Agent attrition is complex.

So, Call Journeyᶜⁱ does the analytical heavy-lifting for you, surfacing critical performance and talent insights to get ahead of attrition and build the workforce of the future.

You’re not getting the right insights and context.

Many cost-cutting insights barely move the needle, and only add pressure to an overburdened workforce. Instead, we specialize in higher-impact, unexplored opportunities for productivity gains–we look where nobody else is looking.

Call volumes are out of your control.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have upstream influence. With our cutting-edge call driver and root cause analysis, you can have reports at your fingertips when other business units come knocking.

Your people leaders are spending less time coaching and more time administrating.

So our platform delivers relevant and impactful agent and team leader insights that gets your team leaders out of the “analyzing and listening” seat and into “coaching and acting” mode.

Need More Convincing?

Here are some of our customers' business benefits:


Reduction in AHT whilst still driving NPS


Points reduction in attrition


Further incremental cost savings/efficiency


Improvement in coaching time

Automate 100% of your customer interactions

Manually listening to calls for QA is simply not possible. Augment human intelligence with Call Journey’s advanced AI technology! Watch this quick explainer to find out how.

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