With the prolific rise of online shopping, customer experience is becoming a critical differentiator when it comes acquisition and retention. With Conversation Analytics, you can uncover the true Voice of the Customer to predict trends, manage and prevent negative experiences, and strengthen brand loyalty. 

The role of conversation intelligence

Interaction insights combined with advanced topic intelligence present an opportunity to understand the true ‘Voice of the Customer,’ enabling you to make better product and customer experience decisions. 

You can use customer insights from conversation intelligence to: 

  • Better understand customer journeys 

  • Establish and strengthen brand loyalty among customers by crafting more personalized, responsive interactions  

  • Improve marketing strategies to improve ROI 

  • Improve product ROI by making more data-driven decisions 
  • Improve sales outcomes by making informed cross-sell and up-sell actions
  • Put data at the center of decision-making with a 360-degree view of the customer

Actionable Outcomes

Improve Campaign Performance 

Customer response analysis ->  Quick adjustments and improved campaign decisions 

Supercharge Customer Understanding 

Unified customer profile →  Improved and personalized customer approach. 

Improve Marketing ROI 

Insights into triggers and events → to improve marketing ROI, selling opportunities and lead generation 

Increase Revenue 

Better understanding of customer journey, issues, and opportunities → More efficient and economical outcomes and increased revenue per customer 

Assess & Predict Customer Sentiment  

Deep, granular customer insights → Predictive customer experiences 

Cross-sell and Upsell 

Real-time customer feedback –-> Quick and immediate action for cross- sell and upsell 

Real-time Employee Insights 

Real-time tracking of agent engagement → Improved agent performance and retention 


Understand Context 

Enhanced understanding of customer and environmental context (e.g.  COVID-19)→ 

Informed decision-making