Risk & Compliance

What is the true cost of doing nothing?

The reality is that adherence to compliance can make or break your business. With compliance rules constantly evolving to protect consumer rights, it’s vital for organizations to stay up-to-date. At the cost of doing nothing, businesses put themselves at risk of severe fines, legal action and damaged reputations.

At the same time, it’s just not feasible for compliance teams to manually listen to every conversation taking place in a business. Currently, less than 2% of calls handled by agents are assessed for quality and compliance. It takes a massive number of resources and human power to deliver a fraction of subjective ratings from a handful of conversations.

Compliance and quality assurance can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. VoiceAI ecosystem can process up to 140,000 minutes of phone calls per day. 100% call coverage means complete transparency, removed bias, uniform rating and a clear view of the entire traffic of conversations – the ultimate safeguard for your business.

Accurately and automatically analyse customer conversation data

Automated conversation analytics is capable of accurately analysing vast data recordings, 150x real time for minimal cost to identify:

  • Misrepresentation & inappropriate sales techniques;

  • Inaccurate or inappropriate information about products; and

  • Compliance with regulations

Confirm the efficacy of compliance and staff training

Automatic tracking of sentiment, protocols, and terms or phrases

Catch breaches in near real-time

Analyze all conversations 150x faster, get near real-time breach alerts for actual and potential misconduct

Log and resolve the identified misconduct issues

Track the timely escalation and satisfactory resolution of problems

Augment human intelligence with AI to reduce regulatory risk

With the new compliance, regulations, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to consistently maintain compliance with the customer-facing teams. It is simply not possible to manually ensure regulatory compliance. Watch the video to bolster compliance.

Conversation Analytics - Unlock every conversation with Call Journey CI

The best way to understand your customers is to really listen to what they are saying. Listening to all those conversations is now simple, secure and affordable.

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