Call Journey CI Unveils Cutting-Edge Voice of the Customer Intelligence, Revolutionizing Customer Insight Gathering

Call Journey CI Unveils Cutting-Edge Voice of the Customer Intelligence, Revolutionizing Customer Insight Gathering


Pompano Beach, FL – November 22 2022 — Call Journey CI, a leader in deriving customer experience insights from interaction analytics, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Conversation Intelligence (CI) suite that captures and analyzes the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to support easier data-driven business transformation. Based on innovative data modelling and drawing upon their full suite of CI capabilities, it caters to a range of data appetites from across the enterprise, from aggregated trends down to granular dissatisfaction audits. Users can expect a comprehensive, real-time understanding of contact drivers, customer sentiment, satisfaction, and preferences in one technology solution, without having to resource an entire team of analysts to sift and sort data from various places. Users can also leverage the capabilities of Call Journey CI’s existing automated QA capabilities.

In an era where reducing customer effort is the main focus of customer-centric companies, Call Journey CI recognizes the critical importance of continuous feedback loops based on conversation analysis to identify and remedy points of customer effort and dissatisfaction. The enhanced VoC capabilities harness the power of advanced natural language processing, AI and machine learning to analyze customer interactions across various channels, including calls, chats, and emails. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can complement or replace their survey practice, and uncover a wealth of valuable information to share throughout the business to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Features of Call Journey CI’s Conversation Intelligence Software, complementing its existing automated QA capabilities:

  1. Customer Dissatisfaction Reporting: Call Journey CI’s VoC software goes beyond traditional analytics by flagging and profiling customer dissatisfaction. This empowers businesses to address issues promptly and proactively, and prevent potential negative impacts on brand reputation.
  2. Multi-Layered Dashboards: The intuitive dashboards provides a holistic view of customer insights, making it easy for businesses to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. Users can also opt to drill down into specific conversations to gain a granular understanding of customer feedback.
  3. Thematic Reporting: The dashboards do the heavy lifting for user by amalgamating various data points to create themed reports based on dissatisfaction, productivity and cost efficiency, and customer sentiment.
  4. Full-Suite Security Including PII/PCI Redaction On-Premise or In-Cloud: Call Journey CI vigilantly maintains comprehensive security controls and is compliant with leading security frameworks including SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, RegTech and Australian Fintech. Furthermore, the PII & PCI Redaction capabilities are deployable either on-premise or via cloud and protects your customers’ identities, helping you fulfil your security commitments while maintaining the trust of your customers and democratizing insights throughout the business .
  5. Easier Data Democratization: Rather than gatekeep data in-platform, Call Journey CI allows organizations to ingest all data points, including metadata, into their own data environment if required. PII & PCI Redaction means the data is safeguarded throughout the sharing process.
Quote from CEO Paul Humphrey:

“Our decades of experience with contact centres means we understand the struggle of yielding and sharing customer insights from conversations to support wider business transformation. Call Journey CI’s customer insights software represents a significant leap forward in the realm of customer experience management and customer effort reduction. In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, continuous customer feedback loops are paramount. Our innovative solution not only analyzes customer conversations, reducing the need for manual analysis, but also empowers businesses to turn insights into meaningful action, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

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Merryl Cepe
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About Call Journey CI

Call Journey CI is a highly secure analytical platform taking customer conversation excavation to new levels. It starts by automating deep data dives into customer conversations, and ends as business intelligence gold right in the palms of your decision-makers.

Our team of data scientists use the best in NLP, deep machine learning, and the latest AI to create a deeply-layered understanding of the customer experience, including leading and lagging indicators of dissatisfaction and customer loyalty. Call Journey CI’s analytics dashboards power the feedback loops that power your business.

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