Build a strategy that works for you.

Gain actionable insights to promote marketing programs, increase revenue and improve overall business outcomes.

Get insights into every campaign

Narrow your marketing approach to the most successful tactics, ensuring that you get maximum return on your advertising investment.

Improve brand reputation

Understand how customers are responding to your latest campaigns and make adjustments to quickly improve outcomes

Improve conversion rate

Improve conversion rate with heightened data and related customer insights around buying journey and key trigger points

Untapped Marketing Potential

When it comes to building a bulletproof marketing strategy tailored to your audience, there is only so far that post-call surveys and market research will take you. While calls are already recorded, a vast majority of the insights from the call are untapped. This means that you’re missing out on a wealth of valuable data that can help you better understand your agents, customers and business performance.

Connect with your customers like never before

Using our powerful VoiceAI processing technology, you can use conversation insights to:

  • Create customer profiles showcasing buyer behavior

  • Gain insight into what your customers are buying and why

  • Learn which channels are most effective for driving sales

  • Discover which campaigns have the highest and lowest conversion rates

  • Identify conversion barriers and identify the drivers of customer churn

  • Test marketing messages

  • Uncover how your customers feel about the competition

By unlocking the content of every conversation, you make your voice data work for you.

Small moments, deep insights

Assessing your campaign’s performance can be time-consuming. With VoiceAI, your calls are processed automatically at a rate of 140,000 minutes per day – at this rate, you can discover your campaign’s strong and weak points in just a few days.

As well as taking into account the outcome of each conversation, VoiceAI also collects information about the emotion of the person on the other end and tracks it throughout the whole exchange, allowing you to spot weak points instantly and finetune your script to perfection.

Understand the must-haves to propel your marketing initiatives

Hear from one of our partners! Habib Heydarian, Prinicipal Program Manager at Microsoft, goes into detail on the importance of voice data to improve marketing process and ROI. “It all goes from understanding to orchestration to meaning-full engagement”, says Habib Heydarian.

Provide next-level marketing with Conversation Intelligence

Habib Heydarian, Prinicipal Program Manager at Microsoft discusses how to provide next-level marketing campaigns by identifying triggers and events with Conversation Analytics.,where the surveys will be done in real time and data is directly collected from devices which will provide us with more engaging result.

Conversation Analytics - Unlock every conversation with Call Journey CI

The best way to understand your customers is to really listen to what they are saying. Listening to all those conversations is now simple, secure and affordable.

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