Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

Government and public sector organizations are expected to deliver services and engagement experiences comparable to the private sector, with a fraction of the resources. These organizations also have to compete with the private sector for talent. 

In order to maximize resourcing and increase employee retention, public sector organizations must collaborate across agencies, departments and regions, successfully managing a multitude of data channels and using insights to improve their customer service and employee retention programs. 

The role of conversation analytics

Government and public sector organizations should transform the way that they employ data in policymaking and management practice.  

Data-driven decisions and performance analysis are founded upon a clear understanding of the “facts on the ground” and the economic and operational drivers of insightful data.  

Adding conversation analytics to your data package can: 

  • Build a better understanding of citizens, constituents or clients 

  • Meet the engagement expectations of citizens and constituents 

  • Manage organizational culture 

  • Help to improve productivity 

  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of the constituent

Actionable Outcomes

Assess & Predict Citizen/Client Sentiment  

Deep, granular customer insights → Predictive customer experiences 

Supercharge Citizen/Client Understanding 

Unified citizen/client profile →  Improved and personalized approach. 

Automate QA 

Comprehensive conduct, culture and compliance management → Avoidance of legal, reputational and financial risk. 

Real-time Agent Insights 

Real-time tracking of agent engagement → Improved agent performance and retention 

Improve Campaign Performance 

Response analysis ->  Quick adjustments and improved campaign decisions

Understand Context 

Enhanced understanding of client and environmental context (e.g.  COVID-19)→ 

Informed decision-making