About Call Journey


Each and every interaction in your organisation contains a wealth of powerful intelligence to help shape customer experience, compliance, and strategic planning.

However, organisations have to wade through a dense, complex array of data just to get the information they need. Call Journey’s VoiceAI helps cut through the noise, yielding deep, actionable, data-driven insights to accelerate your business goals.

Recognising that the best intelligence combines both artificial and human input, Call Journey’s VoiceAI augments human insight and creates 100% coverage to eliminate bias and error and capture subtle elements like tone, content, silence and pitch to create a true, omni-dimensional understanding of your customer.


VoiceAI’s granular insights into thoughts, feelings, patterns, trends and triggers can help create informed customer experience strategies, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and identify opportunities for retention and revenue. Call Journey’s technology empowers leaders with the right data to make data-driven, customer-centric decisions. By doing most of the heavy lifting, VoiceAI enables organisations to focus on the things that matter, without having to worry about arduous data analysis and coverage.


Call Journey has used the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/NLU) to develop VoiceAI, a groundbreaking Conversation Analytics Ecosystem complete with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced analytics and acoustic modelling, and actionable insights. The technology ingests and analyses vast quantities of macro and micro data to create a complete picture of the customer and their journey.

Voice AI is one of the most flexible solutions of the market, offering a range of languages and accent-based models and allowing your business to plug into our technology via the cloud, or by using the engine on premise. We offer a range of languages and accent-based models. Data produced by VoiceAI analysis can be fed to your chosen analytics platform, or easily digested via our visual dashboard, WordBench.

Our Story

  • 2015Record Retrieve

  • mid 2016Founded

    Heavy lifting
    • A.I., NLP, Machine Learning
    • Voice pipeline
    • API development tuning
    • GTM assessment
  • late 2016Speech engine assessment

    • Market sees a slow uptake of WFO and NPS solutions
    • Testing
    • Development
    • Turning SE
  • 2017Pipeline Build

    WordBench visualization dashboard launched

  • start of 2018First Customer

  • early 2018Grow and unlock pipeline

    Paul moves into business full time
    • Grow partner opportunities
    • Partner portals/marketing tools
    • Commercial POCs
    • Secure foundation partners ( Genesys , SaS)
    • Move from POC to Sales
    • Open USA office
  • 2019VoiceAI

    • Market feels the rise of CX and increasing need to address conduct risk
    • VoiceAI Speech engine
    • CoCloud Dev
    • S.E market tuning
    • Dashboard build / integrate
  • early 2020Product Extension

    Data Bridge (BI Connector) launched
  • mid2020Microsoft Partnership