About Call Journey

Using this technology to harness the power of voice data, we’re helping organizations find answers to some of their biggest challenges by delivering insights that directly impact customer experience, business performance, risk management & compliance.

Customer service research indicates that in general, customers aren’t happy with the current state of service. But how long before unhappy customers are not even customers at all? A powerful solution is imminent. And we’ve made it happen, that’s because good ideas are in our DNA.

VoiceAI™ redefines current thinking and practise of the audio analytics space. Present technology is still complicated and not intuitive, it’s connected but not efficacious. We’re decoding the present to make the future of conversations clearer, translating conversations into understanding.

Call Journey is the trading name of VoiceAI Pty. Ltd. (ACN 167 961 659), a subsidiary of the TMA Group of Companies.

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