In a contact center, every single conversation poses an opportunity or a risk

It’s no secret that contact centers are experts at measuring data around calls – conversion and retention rates, call and hold times and more. The problem is none of these metrics analyze the actual content of the conversation. In an average ten-minute call, an alarming 80% of the conversation is ignored. Most of the data about the conversation is gathered from post-call surveys.

Customers are great at letting contact centers know what they’re doing right and wrong – it’s just that businesses don’t have the tools to listen.

Enter Call Journey. For the first time, Call Journey gives businesses the power to unlock insights from every business conversation. Using Call Journey’s conversation analytics engine you can now truly understand what your customers and staff are saying, meaning and feeling when interacting over the phone. It turns what’s said in every call into data that can be searched, measured and analyzed. When 100% of your calls are monitored and analyzed, you have all the data you need to understand your customers, empower your staff and protect your business.

Discover your true Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score measures your company’s heartbeat. The higher it is, the healthier the company. However, improving NPS requires knowledge about its roots. What drives the customer to give a 10 or a 1? VoiceAI provides enterprises with the evidence behind each score – low or high. Paired with phone call metadata, it uncovers ‘behind the scenes’ of problematic calls. VoiceAI is a simple way of finding out how to minimize negative calls and enforce positive drivers behind the NPS.

Protect your business

Compliance in the contact center is nothing to be taken lightly. Failing to comply can result in severe fines. With the future introduction of national compliance standards, business process and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance – especially if you don’t want to be found guilty of criminal offences. While this may sound daunting, VoiceAI provides a simple and effective solution which allows business to stay on top of the compliance game.

Transform your organization

Through the tools which VoiceAI provides – like call monitoring and real-time customer satisfaction identification – businesses have the opportunity to enhance training and collaboration. By unlocking vital voice data, you can be ready to face the challenge that is first call resolution. The end result? Ultimately increasing your NPS and allowing you to make transformative changes to get your business to where you want it to be.

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