Pinpoint the drivers that make your business perform at its best

Maximizing sales in your business takes understanding. For example, do you know what your customers are buying and why? Do you know which channel is most successful for driving sales? And, if so, can you quantify the drivers to repeat this process in the future?

Call Journey’s Conversation analytics technology allows you to answer all of these questions and more – all at the click of a button. When you have the data from every single conversation in your workplace in front of you, you can analyze it to identify the exact behaviors that lead to results. You can pinpoint the best times for your agents to cross-sell and up-sell during their calls based on previous instances. You can tailor your scripts to make sure each phone call taking place is optimized for a higher close rate.

You can create specialized training programs that teach your agents how to boost your sales through best practices.

Unlock voice data and transform your organization

Phone calls are the real-life Voice of the Customer. They contain honest, unbiased information about your customers – the information you need to truly understand what drives sales. With Call Journey, you have access to 100% of calls across your organization in the form of transparent, accurate and actionable data. Our conversation analytics solution delivers a bird’s eye view of your entire customer base while uncovering detailed information about each call at the same time.

Boost your efficiency

In any workplace, it goes without saying that time is money. It’s in every business’s best interests to increase the efficiency of their processes to drive sales, keep staff morale high, and customers happy. The insights from voice data can help you determine which agents have the skills required to handle particular inquiries, and identify broader routing issues to help optimize your workflow.

The results are simple. When you identify and remove inefficiencies in the call process, you’ll be able to speed up handle time and allow operators to take more calls.

Call Journey delivers data which directly affects your bottom line with decreased customer attrition, better workforce training and engagement, fast campaign tracking, ongoing feedback process and revenue growth.

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