Data-driven education has proven through time to help bridge the achievement, retention and discipline gaps so students and faculty alike can enjoy a seamless learning experience.


  • THE CHALLENGE OF KNOWLEDGE – the information explosion in today’s landscape demands fundamental rethinking of the traditional concept of knowledge, it’s transmission, delivery by teachers and acquisition by students.
  • THE CHALLENGE OF RESOURCE – The growing population of schools demands an increasing influx of resources, including funds, technology, visionary principals, skillful teachers and other necessary support systems.
  • THE CHALLENGE OF DATA – It is more important than ever for schools to ensure their brands and programs are represented correctly to guarantee compliance and avoid state and federal scrutiny of recruiting practices and programs.
  • THE CHALLENGE OF DECENTRALIZATION – Albeit promising to be more efficient, decentralization can cause overlapping and conflicting decisions to be made at different levels. It can raise a question on comparability, equity, QA, and inspection.

Add Voice Data to the Public Sector data package to significantly increase students' and faculty insights.


  • Better Understanding of STUDENTS and STAFF
  • Deepening those relationships
  • Meeting the engagement expectations of citizens and constituents
  • Managing organizational culture
  • Finding ways to improve productivity
  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of their customer

Actionable Outcomes

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