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Today’s global pandemic has proven the importance of having a system in place for government and public sector entities to better understand their constituents and what they’re going through. With Conversation Analytics, local councils get a more holistic view of their citizens to better promote their well-being and influence positive societal change.


Local Government organizations are under head wind challenges in many areas as it moves into the future, notwithstanding impacts driven by the global health crisis as it grapples with delivering essential community infrastructure and services in line with community demand.

Additionally there here are a host of challenges that face local government moving forward: delivering services; finance constraints; employee engagement; engaging citizens; forming new partnerships; and, rapidly evolving technologies and socio-economic demographics.

Some councils relative to geography are under duress around council income/revenue impacted by regressive taxation – property tax, sales tax, and user fees whilst others are managing ageing population stress. Citizen health is a growing issues for local council, often interacting with citizens under mental health stress or societal influences causing issues like domestic abuse/violence.

Disasters and emergencies have significant local council impact as does climate change – with citizens in more poor or disadvantaged areas feeling the impact.

Lastly the shifting citizen demographics mixed with fiscal pressure is forcing local council to embrace innovation and technology advancements to improve citizen and employee experience and ultimately council cost to serve.

Add Voice Data to the Public Sector data package to significantly increase citizens and constituents and employee insights.


  • Better Understanding CITIZENS or CONSTITUENTS
  • Deepening those relationships
  • Meeting the engagement expectations of citizens and constituents
  • Managing organizational culture
  • Finding ways to improve productivity
  • Put data at the center of decision making with a 360-degree view of their citizens

Actionable Outcomes

Local Council Use Cases

Understand Citizen experience and engagement to drive better council cost to serve

Now with voice data added to your data analytics mix, analyze citizen conversations with different departments in your local council to get to the true root cause of good, bad and ugly citizen experience. What are the real issues of citizen dis-satisfaction and satisfaction? Gain non-fettered insights as to the sentiment and emotion of your citizens and understand both qualitative and quantitative drivers and challenges.

Manage council employee culture and conduct

Conversation analytics helps you do even more to protect council reputation, remediate what’s gone wrong, and comply with any relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks. Utilize Call Journey's AI to assess 100% of your citizen interactions to more efficiently and diligently manage employee performance.

Gain council services insights

Now with voice data added to your data analytics mix, understand more forensically what your citizens think of your products/services, test new services in a controlled landscape and use conversation data to get insights to citizen thoughts and ascertain what adjustment to services or new services may be required

Increase council employee performance and engagement

Turn conversations into understanding with conversation analytics to deliver even more with your council employees by discovering potential problem areas needing attention, training/coaching & improvement. Engaged employees help make engaged and happy citizens and with better understanding, citizen engagement is improved & employee churn is also greatly reduced in a well-coached & satisfied team.

More completely map out citizen journeys

Now with voice data added to your data analytics mix, you can completely map out the citizen journeys to better understand and be educated about how your citizen journey strategy is validated by real, live, in-moment citizen insights

Automation and digitization

As local councils look to automate and digitize, conversation analytics is fast becoming the crucial go to solution to support, improve and accelerate these initiatives. Conversation data is crucial to understand and prioritize automation activities. This would include understanding areas where self-self would be more effective for citizen engagement based on conversation insights. Citizen’s will tell council employee’s in every voice-based interaction how easy it is to engage with the council. These insights are crucial to triage and prioritize automation and digitization activities. Also, data from citizen conversations are an integral preamble for robotic process automation.

Via significant volumes of conversation data interaction, better manage, plan and deliver your RPA strategy. Use voice data to fuel a more effective and efficient RPA strategy utilizing Microsoft's power Virtual agents' solution and use voice data to prioritize self service automation for citizens. 

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