Befriend your phone conversation data

WordBench helps businesses understand client conversations.

  • Phone call analysis

  • Customer and Agent Emotion

  • Reasons for Call

  • Trending Topics and Keywords

  • Net Promoter Score

WordBench is a custom dashboard visualising the information discovered by Call Journey.

It turns complex customer, agent and call data into intuitive, actionable charts.

 Manage your contact center with a single application

WordBench is the ultimate solution for monitoring conversations in the contact center and unlocking your voice data. WordBench is a custom dashboard that visualizes the information discovered by Call Journey. It takes complex call data and turns it into intuitive, actionable charts that you can use to track compliance, agent performance, customer satisfaction, NPS, and more. When you have the voice data of your entire organization before you, you can use it to transform your business in a way that was previously impossible.

How does WordBench work?

WordBench converts audio into searchable text and compressed audio, which is then organized and archived for analysis in an intuitive web interface. It processes audio in near real-time and can handle up to one million calls per day. By having access to every single call in your organization, you have the power to drill down into specific categories to find the exact information you want.

Business Benefits

  • Digitalization of call data

  • Complete customer journeys

  • Improved personalization avenues

  • Faster marketing ROI visibility

  • Lower call volume

  • Higher customer satisfaction / NPS

  • Lower call centre agent churn

  • Process improvement

Some of the questions you can answer with

  • Do customers leave the call happier or more annoyed?

  • Why are customers calling?

  • How’s my new marketing campaign tracking?

  • How are my agents performing?

  • Is our business compliant?


  • Secure and compliant

  • PCI data scrubbing

  • Data sovereignty

  • High transcription accuracy

  • Various language models

  • Intuitive data visualization