Automatically measure Customer Effort in interactions

 Our Customer Effort Index will become the backbone of your Custimer Experience and Digitization strategy. It analyzes conversations for indicators of friction and assigns a (customizable) weighted value to each indicator. Examine the score of an individual interaction or a particular contact driver so that you can monitor and mend points of effort and friction for your customers.

Profile friction throughout the contact journey

  • Pre-Contact Friction Indicatorse.g. Unable to self-serve; dissatisfied with service. 
  • In-Call Friction Indicatorse.g. Length of call, hold time, transfers, escalations, silence, issues hearing
  • Post-Contact Friction Indicators e.g. departing sentiment, repeat contact prediction

Identify digitization candidates

If a call was low in complexity and easy to handle, that contact driver is a good candidate for automation.

By automating or digitizing the drivers behind low-effort callls, you can also reduce call volume into the contact center.

Pinpoint where self-service is failing

Pre-contact efforts indicators can help pinpoint when the digital frontlines, such as the website, are failing.

Plus, customer intelligence shouldn't come at the cost of trust

Call Journey CI is committed to improving data democratization within your organization, allowing you to reap the benefits of shared intelligence while maintaining your compliance obligations.

We offer PCI and PII redaction, in-cloud, in-environment, or on-premise.

Call Journey CI vigilantly maintains comprehensive security controls, compliant with leading security frameworks including SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, RegTech and Australian Fintech.

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