10 Use Cases For Conversation Analytics

Phone calls are the real-life Voice of the Customer. They contain honest, unbiased information about your customers and the company.

Conversation analytics is about unlocking voice; it’s about having access to transparent, accurate, actionable data.

Call Journey CI does just that; it delivers a bird’s eye view of a customer base while uncovering detailed information about each call.

1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score measures the company’s heartbeat. The higher it is, the healthier the company. However, improving NPS requires knowledge about its roots. What drives the customer to give a 10 or a 1?

Call Journey CI provides enterprises with the evidence behind each score – low or high. In correlation with phone call metadata, it uncovers ‘behind the scenes’ of problematic calls. Call Journey CI is a simple way of finding out how to minimize negative and enforce positive drivers behind the NPS.

2. Quality Assessment

At the moment, less than 2% of calls handled by agents are assessed for quality. It takes resources and human power to deliver a fractional and subjective rating of a handful of conversations. Call Journey ci can process up to 140,000 minutes of phone calls per day.

A 100% coverage of calls means complete transparency, removed bias, uniform rating and a clear view of the entire traffic of conversations.

3. Automatic Call Categorization

Call Journey CI delivers a unified, centralized call categorization (or wrap up) system. It frees the agents from the responsibility of assigning each call a category, allows objective, unbiased call tagging, and leads to high transparency, across multiple business centers. No more mistagged calls mean faster response, recovery, and a better understanding of the customers and their needs.

4. Unified Measurement

Data visibility is the key to understanding and improvement. Being able to monitor conversations and apply the same measurement to each business center means access to unified, clear-cut metrics. Call Journey CI is a cloud-based, scalable solution. It has no physical limitations and can be deployed across multiple contact points, to deliver transparency and clarity.

5. Keywords and Topics

Rather than searching for pre-inserted queries, Call Journey CI breaks down all conversations and takes note of every word spoken to calculate how often each of them appears. After removing the stop words (common phrases such as “Hello!”, “Thank you!”, “Goodbye!”, “and”) it sorts the remaining utterances and segregates them according to the frequency of use. It can quickly discover requiring topics across the entire enterprise but also serve as an alarm bell when one type of queries soars, exceeding its regular volume.

6. Voice of the Customer

All conversations are in fact customer surveys occurring in a natural environment. Up until now, the insights coming directly from a client during the call were slipping away due to a lack of an efficient system able to collect this voice-based feedback.

Including the actual voice in the Voice of the Customer program replaces after-call surveys, removes blind spots and offers access to actual customer satisfaction score, based on emotion and rich in context.

7. Digital Transformation Barometer

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. Customers demand an ability to resolve their queries autonomously. However, when web-based solutions and applications fail, client’s first reflex is to speak to a live agent. How will they start a conversation? By sharing detailed information about their failed attempt to complete a task on their own.

Call Journey ci can group all those “I tried your website, but…” and “I searched online, but couldn’t find…” – type of calls and help enterprises drive real, targeted, customer-focussed change.

8. Targeted Training

All agents undergo similar training. However, not all attain knowledge at the same rate. Call Journey ci can quickly reveal which representatives require additional training, and more importantly, inform managers what area should be addressed. Targeted training improves capabilities, boosts employer’s confidence, reduces churn and directly affects the level of customer service provided.

Detailed knowledge about agents’ strongest and weakest points can be also applied in customer-agent matching or cross training within the team.

9. Campaign Tracking

Call Journey ci can dramatically shorten the time needed to assess the campaign performance. Because calls are processed automatically at a rate of 40,000 minutes per day, discovering campaign’s weak and strong points requires only a sample collected over a few of days (depending on the call volume).

Call Journey ci takes into account not only the outcome of the conversations but also collects information about the emotion of the person answering the call and tracks its progress throughout the entire exchange, thus making it easy to spot the weak points of any offer and promptly tune the script.

10. Employee Engagement

Customer experience is chiefly an outcome of employee engagement. As Call Journey CI splits the conversations into separate channels for each speaker, it can accurately assess the emotional state of both participants of the interaction. Ongoing monitoring can unveil mood patterns for individual agents and enable them to intervene when they’re experiencing strong negative emotions, thus limiting frustrations and reducing contact center churn.

At the moment enterprises base their Customer Experience efforts on partial information, often biased by subjective opinions. Conversation Analytics means taking customer feedback from 10% to 100% without ever conducting a survey.